Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Some of my creations

Since I will be shortly participating in a bead swap and blog hop, I wanted to get at least a few pictures of stuff I have made up so that whoever my partner ends up being maybe has a clue about what I use. :)

Lampwork, pearls (shell and freshwater), vintage lucite, vintage glass, czech glass, polymer clay, ceramic... I use it all! Pearls are probably the most used component. I love them in all of their various grades and forms. Well, except blister pearls, not quite sold on those.

Welcome to my blog!

Well, I finally made one. Not much going on yet. Mainly because I hate trying to type anything of length on my kindle and my home computer is still broken. That will be getting fixed soon, though. Blogging about my jewelry, my "creative process," the cool things I find and enjoy that others make is part of my goals for this year. I'm sure I'll share stuff about myself along the way, too.